Export gif, frame duration issues

So I exported my animation as a .gif, but the speed of the frames is not what I set in Aseprite. The animation doesn’t look the same when I open the .gif as it does when I test the frame animation.

How do I fix this?

GIFs only support frame durations in multiples of 10ms (1/100 of one second), so if you set your durations to something that require finer granularity, it is impossible to produce an accurate GIF.

If your end goal is a GIF, you should keep this limitation in mind and design your animations accordingly. If your goal is to export the animation for use as something other than a GIF(e.g. in a video or a game), consider exporting a spritesheet or a sequence of still image frames, and building the animation with correct frame durations from those.

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So that’s not the case and this does not answer my question.

What is your case? How does the resulting animation differ? Are you able to provide source Aseprite file and the exported GIF?

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