Export gif Pixel error

偷吃c - 闭眼 (2)

Why the hair has changed???

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Hi there @prybar3 :wave: What version of Aseprite did you use to save the GIF file? Did you try with v1.2.28 or the latest v1.3-beta5?

I am using v1.2.28

Would you mind to share your .aseprite file to support@aseprite.org? We’ll take a look.

Ok i have sent the file

We checked your aseprite file, and the problem is related to an incorrect GIF export process of an animation that has a hidden Background layer (it’s a bug). It was fixed in Aseprite 1.3beta.
If you want to solve the problem with your current versión (1.2.28) you can do one of two possible actions before to exporting to gif format:

  • Unhide the Background layer (then the gif background will be black) or,
  • Unhide the Background layer, then convert it to ordinary layer, hide the layer again (then the gif background will be transparent)
    Screen Shot 2021-07-20 at 10.37.06