Export only selection

I don’t know if many people care at all, but I would like to see an option where i select part of a picture and export only that part without making a new canvas.


Hi @cihy, add this feature to and old issue about a File > Export… menu, I think the option could be in File > Save Copy As too.


This is a feature I’d probably use alot. My current workflow is:
Marquee Tool [select] -
Sprite -> Crop -
File -> Export Spritesheet
Ctrl + Z [to undo the cropping]

Incredibly useful if there could be a general checkbox (perhaps like Best fit for texture) in the Export windows or something.


Copying the GitHub issue link here just for reference:

This feature would be great, it will make slicing up my characters to import into Spine so much easier. Maybe also with the option to export current layer only or collapsed layers.

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Exporting only one layer or only visible layers is already possible.