Export "packed" without "merge duplicates"

I have a bunch of layered sprite sheets that I would like to export to a fixed PoT size (e.g. 512 x 512). It seems the only way to do this is with the “packed” setting. However, this option doesn’t allow us to uncheck “merge duplicates.” Each of my sprites has to be in the same spot in the sheet for the layering to work in my game regardless of whether or not it’s a duplicate or empty. Any ideas? Thanks!

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I have the same problem, I had to do it manually, sucks tho

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I would also need this feature for the command line export. Is it possible any time soon?

The reason is:
I use slices to define anchor points in my sprite. Sometimes, the same cel is used in multiple animations, but at a different position with a different slice.
At the moment, only the first appearance of the cel is exported because of the “merge” and so all additional slice positions are lost.


I also have sprite layering in my game and need to export packed sprite sheets without the “merge duplicates” option. Very much impedes my workflow.

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If you are using unity you can get an aseprite importer! it lets you work directly with the aseprite file and you can choose to use the whole sprite sheet as a grid and it wont merge the duplicates! I also dont understand why they wont just allow this option but it is easy enough with the importer. I will leave the link! https://github.com/martinhodler/unity-aseprite-importer