Export problem, flickering colors and corrupted frames

I’ve having this problem from a long time. In my timeline the gif goes perfect and no problem at all, when I export it the GIF file have problems with some frames and I don’t know why does it happen.

flickering colors and sometimes even worse, there are blocks of a solid color between frames. Why does it happen??

hi, Kpix_Art! this is a common issue many people ask about.
the reason is the fact you use more than 256 colours, which is a limit of gif files. when exported, colours get messed up like this.
aseprite doesn’t have such limit, that’s why you don’t see it happen in timeline.
you can export your animation to png sequence, but if you want to have animated gif, you need to reduce colour count.

Oh thank yo so much! I was so worried. It’s a bit troublesome but well at least I know now that is not a problem with my software.

Thanks for the reply!!

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If you arrived here like me. And for reduce…

In Aseprite do this:
1 - In Options palette - New palette from Sprite and set 256 with specific number of colors.
2 - Sprite/ color mode/ more options: Indexed.

Like me maybe you have to adjust some colors because the auto process mess a little bit if you have too much colors.

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