Export separate gif frames , wheres the function?

Hey i cant find it, could it be that such basic function does not exist even in cli ?

if you mean whole animation as a sequence, then i don’t think there’s that option. you can export png sequence and batch convert it with some image viewer.

yeah thats weird, did notbody requested it ? i have xnview ot batch convert but would be better to just use aseprite for all of that extra work

Hi @2blackbar,

If I were in your shoes, I’d just write a Lua script. Here’s a simplified bit as an example:

local sprite = app.activeSprite
local imgSpec = sprite.spec
local palette = sprite.palettes[1]
local frames = sprite.frames

local scale = 2
local nametemplate = "test_%03d.gif"
local fmt = app.fs.joinPath(app.fs.userDocsPath, nametemplate)
for i, frame in ipairs(frames) do
    local blit = Image(imgSpec)
    blit:drawSprite(sprite, frame, Point(0, 0))
    blit:resize(blit.width * scale, blit.height * scale)
    local frameNo = frame.frameNumber
    blit:saveAs {
        filename = string.format(fmt, frameNo),
        palette = palette }

Most of the stuff you need to know is in the docs at app.fs, sprite and image. You may want to print app.fs.userDocsPath ahead of time if you don’t know where that is located in your file directory.

Best to you,