Export sprite sheet problem

I have a simple test file, two layers with one frame each

It’s a test for creating tile set.
The layer 1 is a simple square.
I’m trying to export the sprite sheet, but when I see the result, it’s just this:

Shound’t I have all layers one by side?
I have horizontal strip, no padding, visible layers, all frames, I thought it would create the sprite sheet instead I have only the first frame of the top most layer.
What I’m doing wrong?
Thank you very much

Hi @Michele_Carbone, the File > Export Sprite Sheet will export your frames merged (not each layer by separated). At the moment there is no GUI to export all layers by separated in the same sheet, but you can do it through the CLI. There is a –split-layers option that can be used along –sheet to create a sprite sheet that contain each layer individually. For example:

aseprite.exe -b --split-layers animation-with-layers.ase --sheet sheet.png --data sheet.json

Please check the platform details to know how to run Aseprite from the command line.

Hi dacap,
thank you for your answer.
After a search I just came to conclusion that I shoul approach the tileset creation in a different manner, not the one choosen before my question.
But thank you again for the help, I didn’t know there were all those useful options for command line within Aseprite.

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