Export sprite-sheet slice-list does not reflect "ignore-empty"

When exporting with --list-slices and --ignore-empty the resulting json metadata refers to slice-frames by their numbering in the original file, which does not correspond to the frames exported. This is inconsistent with --list-frames which provides frame-ranges within the exported frames rather than the total. This makes correlating the slices back to the frames from the exported file impossible.

To be able to match the slice-data to the frames, either the slice metadata frames would need to account for any “ignored” frames, or the frame-data would need another record indicating the original frame-number.

Running v1.2.26, behavior noted in both CLI --data and UI export-sprite-sheet.

I get fairly inconsistent results with exporting empty slices as well, especially when I reference direct layers for the slices to use.

Order of arguments seems to make no difference.


%ASEPRITE% -b --import-layer “Layer” Sprites.aseprite --ignore-empty --save-as “address{slice}.png”

%ASEPRITE% -b Sprites.aseprite --scale 10 --ignore-empty --save-as “address{slice}.png”

Suddenly rather than a few images I get tens of blank images being produced haha.

This issue occurs only when the first indexed pixel in indexed colour mode is not the background colour.