Export Sprite Strip as single images

I’m trying to export my sprite strip as a single image of the required tagged frames but i get the below dialogue box asking if i want to split it into individual frames and giving no option to safe as a single image.

I want a single image to load into GMS, which can recognise a strip and seperate it into frames on it’s own. I don’t want tones of individual files cluttering up my pixel art folder.

What’s going on? I thought what i want to do is a feature of Aseprite?

thanks for your help.

You should use the Export Sprite Sheet function for this, instead of Save As or Export.



Thanks for the super fast response! (thought i might have to mess about for a while waiting)

I actually saw this earlier and had trouble working it (then forgot it was there) but i think i have it sorted now.

Thanks again. :slight_smile:

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