Export tile sheet and map as data

Hi all. Just downloaded the latest v1.3 beta and it’s almost the perfect tool for my needs. The new tile layer is amazing by how it’s automatically created a tile-set from the image I intend to have as a map for my game and aseprite as even removed duplicate tiles from the tile-set and numbered the tiles on the image corresponding to the tile-set.

I intend to program a game for the gameboy so I need to export the tile sheet and image (map design) as code such as hex to import into C.

Is this possible?



Hi @Plainlazy, at the moment the only way to export the tilemap & tilesets are using a script like this one:

You can modify the script to export only the required data. We’ll try to integrate some export commands in future versions.


Hi, thank you for the response. That sounds brilliant! I’m looking forward to future releases. In the meantime I’ll try get my head around this script as a work-a-round.

Great piece of software btw. I’m not a trained artist in the slightest but the design is so intuitive that I’m having loads of fun!



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Hey, did you found a solution? looking for the exact same thing atm

Hey, I know I’m a little late but I wrote a script myself that’ll do the Job.
Not sure If I can post a pastebin-link in here but here you go:

Might have some bugs only tested it on a 64x64 and 16x16 tilemap