Export Tilemap_

Heya, I’m using Aseprite 1.3 beta and I’d like to export a tilemap. How do I do this? When I press File->Export I seem to be able to export the frame as a .png, but not as a tilemap format like .tmx.

Many thanks in advance!

Look here: Saving Tilesets - #23 by Ethan_Buttazzi

Glossing over the replies in that topic, but isn’t that about exporting tilesets? I want to export tilemaps. The stuff that indicates which tiles go where.

With scripts you can extract tile values from tilemap just like from normal image layer and then save in any format you want. Did you try to search for topic about existing script here?

Ah cool, I’ll look into that.

For anyone else stumbling upon this, I found this:

Which seems to do what I need (and more!)