Export tiles with padding?

How can I export this


with added border and padding between tiles?

Pyxel Edit can do this by using tiles but I can’t figure out how to do it in Aseprite.


Right now Aseprite isn’t quite equipped to handle tiles that well, although changes to that is in the works at the moment.

But if all your tiles are the same size, you might be able to do a work around.

You can use Import Sprite Sheet to import all your tiles as frames, then use Export Sprite Sheet to export them back into a single image, but using the Padding settings in the Export Sprite Sheet dialogue. It’s kind of hacky, but hopefully it’s helpful.

Quick reply, thanks!

I already have a node script that does it but I was hoping it was already there.

I’m totally new to Aseprite but I see that it has LUA build in. Would it be possible to set up a command to copy the image to a new tab and perform selection and move commands accordingly and then finish off with saving the png?

I’m not too familiar with what can and cannot be done with scripting unfortunately so maybe someone else has an idea, but I don’t think it would be very difficult to do something, if you’re familiar with scripting already.