Export X and Y coordinates of every layer

Hi, my first post here. First I must say i LOVE aseprite, it’s by far the best ‘retro’-pixelart program I’ve ever run into. I tried so many before, but aseprite was perfect right from the start. It really takes into account what pixel artists need and what’s needed for ‘retro game development’.

Over to my question: I browsed through the command line documentation but I didn’t see or come to think of an obvious way to do it. Would it be possible to export the top left x and y coordinates of every layer to some text file? Something like:
Layer1.x = 64; Layer1.y = 128; etc.

For example it would be perfect for Atari Lynx development and I guess a viable approach to any system that doesn’t rely on tile-mapping. It’d be like a ‘graphics-mapper-light’ if someone would want to place their graphics on pixel coordinates rather than tile-map coordinates. I know you can check every layers coordinates by hand and write them down, but that’s a bit too tedious if you’ve going to make many levels.

(Just some trivia if someone happens to be interested): The reason I ask is that the Atari Lynx draws big graphics faster than small graphics, so it makes more sense to have a few different (big) platforms that you duplicate wherever you want on the screen, but since the platforms aren’t all goingt to be the same size it’s not really viable to use a traditional tile-mapper either.

Any help on the matter appriciated, thanks!

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In Aseprite v1.2.10-beta4, I think that it might be possible to write down the layer coordinates using a script and printing the cel position in an external file. You could use --script argument to run the script from the command line. If you cannot do it, I could prepare a script for you.

Hey thanks so much @dacap for helping out! I think I will be able to pull this off. I’ll post my results here later so other can make use of it if they’d need to. However I’m swamped with IRL-stuff right now so it might take a little while.