Exported animation is faster when using "Export for Twitter"

I think it messes up the frame timings, Shouldn’t it just fix the Twitter issue but keep the animation speed the same?

I assume it’s your steam thread, but this is what I posted there:

Export for twitter, as far as I know, cuts down the first or last frames duration by 1/2 or 1/4, not sure which. But Twitter has since changed their methods and personally I haven’t had much luck so I just loop them manually in the gif a couple of times by duplicating the frames.

It used to work pretty well.

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When your social media platform is so shit that people have to adapt a media format that has been around for 33 years just for your platform alone
God, I hate twitter. I have no idea why people still use it.

Rant over
You can upload the two gifs (with and without “Export for twitter” option) to https://ezgif.com/ and see precisely what it’s doing with the frame timings, perhaps even fix it from their interface, it’s pretty good. Sure, it’s an annoying thing to do every time you want to upload a gif to that poophole site, but it might atleast show what’s wrong and how to fix it (open a bug report if it’s indeed broken).

The feature isn’t “broken”, just outdated because Twitter changed their gif -> video conversion some time ago.
I believe they currently shorten the last frame, the way around it is to duplicate your animation’s final frame and give it a very short duration, so when Twitter shortens it further, it’ll still have the preceeding frames to show the proper animation. This should be easy for Aseprite to do automatically, hinthint @dacap ;D That said, I don’t use Twitter these days so I don’t know if they’ve changed it since. Kashou’s post above seems to imply that it’s still this way though.


I’ll try to test the Export for Twitter feature again and make the needed adjustments for the next release. It’s a shame that they do whatever they want with the GIF timing :sob:

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