Exporting a tag as a sprite sheet, with layer combinations?

Is it possible to use AseSprite from command line?
Or is scripting only for GUI?

What I want to make is a tool to help export sprite sheets.

It would take layer names and a tag name, and export a sprite sheet.
But, I need to do this like 15+ times for every asesprite file, so I dont want to enter this info by hand every export. So ideally this would be runnable from command line, like:

asesprite input.asesprite --export_sheet --layers "layer1,layer3,layer4" --tag "tag2" --sheet_size "4x3" --output output.png

And then I can set up a bunch of these to auto-export PNG sheets whenever the asesprite file changes.

So I’m wondering, is this possible to script?

If not from command line, maybe I can make a GUI script that I can paste the arguments in and parse them as if it were command line, to avoid filling in text entries