Exporting animation

Hey guys!

Got a question - is there some kind of option that would allow me to save animation as separate PNGs but keeping it to chosen amount of frames? What I mean is, if I have a huge animation with tons of frames, there comes a problem with renaming after exporting when I have multiple tags/different types of said animation within one file. Just looking for a workaround of tedious and possibly error generating work :stuck_out_tongue: Current way to do so is just Save as-PNG and it just exports all of the frames named according to source file name.


If you Export and set the filename to the source file name (but with the PNG extension) with a number in it, you’ll be prompted to export all the frames as separate PNGs, numbered by the frame number. Sounds like what you’re looking for!

If you want more certainty and extra control (e.g. including tag names in the file names), check out the command-line interface: Aseprite - Docs - Cli

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Oh I think I can work with that! Thanks a ton!