Exporting Individual slice regions as .ico files result in full canvas size icons


Tldr: Using CLI --save-as with {slices} in .ico endformat will make every ico Icon the full spritesheet canvas size and not the individual slice region sizes.

Context: I have been making custom folder icons for windows 10. The work I planned was only around 10 icons drawn on their own dedicated layer within an exact canvas size. This would had made manually exporting to .ico easy enough by hiding/revealing the appropriate layers… But I kept creating more icons and after the 25th icon I decided to arrange them on a large canvas like a sprite sheet for simplicity and tracking sake. Now I am over 200 icons in everything has been appropriatly named and such.

Using CLI exporting to .png with --split-slices works perfectly however when attempting with .ico as the end format; the slice regions no longer work. Instead of 32x32 .ico files I get full canvas sized 448x608 icons with every layer shown as if I had not used any slice regions. Not good.


I have done a test of seperating some icons to their own layers and collapsing themselves over a 32x32 canvas much like my proliminary work and exporting with --split-layers, it works but that means I lose the benefits of a sprite sheet and I’ll have to manually move and make layers for 200+ icons.

Does anyone know if this is broken or if im doing this wrong? Has anyone done something similar and can share a better method to this? Thanks!

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hm, if it works with png but not with ico, it might be a bug.
as a workaround you can export the slices to pngs and then batch convert to ico in xnview.

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I may need to repost this as a bug report then… but I tried xnview and it works very well and is a great piece of kit, it might just replace what I normally use! Thanks for the reccomendation!

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you may just change the category of this thread

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Hey there, thank you for reporting this, I’ve created Exporting Individual slice regions as .ico files result in full canvas size icons · Issue #3471 · aseprite/aseprite · GitHub to keep track of it.

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