Exporting large animation makes colors go crazy


I have been working on a larger animation piece, and I always seem to be having an issue exporting it the exact way I had it drawn. The colors tend to flash and make the piece look not the way I intended.

To export/ save the gif, I flattened the layers in RGB color mode. I kept the sprite in its original size, and I have a color pallete of 123 colors. Other than that, I did not mess with any other settings.

Any help is appreciated!

Gifs only support 256 colors. You might have only 123 colors in your palette, but because you are using transparency every transparent pixel gets mixed with the background and creates another color, so you go well over the 256 color limit very fast.

Only way to make an animated file with more colors is to make a video, or try saving it as webp which also supports animation, but some browsers and discord aren’t great at supporting it.

That makes sense, thank you so much!