Exporting linked cells

I have several layers, some with animations. I set up linked cells for some of the layers that don’t change each frame. When I got to export it exports several images instead of 1 for the linked cells. EX: If I have 5 frames that are all linked it’ll export 5 images instead of 1.

I’m using the terminal to export. Here is what I’m doing:

aseprite -b Mouse1.ase --trim --ignore-empty --save-as '{layer}.png'

Any help is appreciated!

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I have same problem. I set up linked cells. But exported image has as many images as there are frames.
Please solve this problem.

This is a tricky issue. Some people would prefer to export everything (so the import process from their side is easier) and other people will prefer to avoid exporting linked/duplicated cels/frames.

For example, in this case:


Aseprite exports:

  • body1.png
  • body2.png
  • body3.png
  • body4.png
  • body5.png

But with this new behavior should export:

  • body1.png
  • body2.png
  • body5.png

The bad side is that Aseprite then cannot reload this kind of exported sequences (but it might not be a problem for you).

Maybe a new --ignore-duplicates option would be enough.

Several months ago I remember there being a discussion on this - will this ever be a feature at some point? A console command --ignore-duplicates was mentioned - seems easy enough to implement.

Having the ability to link cels and not export those frames is really handy in game sprite sheets for saving time/maintaining a smaller number of unique frames.


Yeah, there are plans to implement this --ignore-duplicates. Maybe not for v1.2.7 (because I’ll try to release it ASAP next week), but it might be soon.

Looks like this is also topic of my question:

Is there meanwhile a way to do --ignore-duplicates?
I checked the release notes until 1.2.7, there is only --merge-duplicates, which in my experience, does not work for --save-as…but maybe I am missing something :slight_smile:

I wrote a script which does the job like @dacap explained and it also supports multiple layers and animation tags. Here you go: