Exporting PNG creates transparent outline on all of my pixels

Hey guys, I hope you are doing well.

When using Aseprite every time I export something in .png it adds a very strange transparent outline to all of my pixels, any reason as to why this is happening? I have attempted to solve the issue in the!
Discord server in the #help section but no one knows what could be causing the issue. Any help on the matter would be greatly appreciated. I have also attached some images on what it looks like.

Thanks in advance, really need the help!


Is that the raw exported image or a screen grab from another application? That looks like some bilinear filtering from a zoomed image in a web browser or some such.

Yeh my bad, I have updated the Image to one that has been directly exported from the program. I just zoomed in on the previous one because it was easier to see what the issue was.

Hmm that’s very strange when I save the the file on my pc as a .png it has has these lines however, when I uploaded it to this browser they don’t seem to show


Your updated image look perfectly fine to me.

yes, however when downloading it as PNG or even opening the updated image it looks like the second image that I posted below. So when it is saved/exported it always has those strange outlines for some reason.

Are you sure it’s not just the viewer you’re using that’s interpolating the image like this? Most image viewers not designed for pixel art will blur your art when zooming in. If you open your original image in Aseprite or another image editor that can do Nearest Neighbor interpolation, does it still look bad?

no it looks perfect in Aseprite and stuff, Currently I am using Windows Photos, Do you know of any programs I can save and store PNG’s in where it doesn’t make them weird? I have noticed now any pixelated PNG I download from the web and open in Windows Photos it gives it the same effect. Thank you for the insight

This is just a viewer issue, there’s nothing wrong with your PNGs. Nearest neighbour scaling is pretty rare outside of sites and programs specifically designed around pixel art, since it looks pretty bad for most other things.

If you want your art to be seen larger without being incorrectly scaled, your only option is to export it larger so that the viewer doesn’t need to do any scaling.

Thanks, managed to sort everything out. It was a viewing issue as you have described via the program and does not look like that for others. Appreciate all the assistance :DD