Exports files save but don't show up?

Hello! I’m trying to see my files but they don’t show up in the folders I’ve saved them to? I can open them in aseprite no problem, but when I try to open them outside of aseprite like in file explorer,they don’t exist at all.

The export seems to work because if i try to save them again it says “File exists, overwrite it?” But if I look in the folder there isn’t anything saved. If i check in the aseprite folder where the data is, there’s a file with a similar name of my export but it’s just a blank note document. Please help TwT

Are you sure about destination folder, maybe you miss something, this shouldn’t be happen. Just check again, if it still continues can you post your steps here with images?

Hi thanks for the reply! the destination folder was correct and i checked multiple times. eventually i got frustrated enough that i did an uninstall-reinstall. It’s working now so im not sure what happened there.

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