[Extension] FX Collection

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FX is a collection of effects packed into an extension. They can be found under Edit > FX and include:

  • Drop Shadow
  • LCD Screen
  • Neon*
  • Parallax**

* This effect works only for a single cel/frame

** Please beware that opening multiple long animations in Aseprite can fill up RAM and cause it to crush


The effect dialog window is slipt into separate sections:

  • Distance - dictates for far is the layer from a virtual camera, the higher the distance, the slower the layer will move.
    Note: Using fractions will make a layer go faster, while negative values will make the layer move in the opposite direction.
  • Movement - dictates how fast the layers will move on both axes, before correcting for distance.
  • Preview - a slider that shows how layers will move in subsequent frames.
  • Output - dictates parameters applied to the output sprite, e.g. the number of frames.







A new version, and a new effect - Parallax, alongside QoL improvements!


  • [Feature] Added Parallax FX
  • [Improvement] Added saving FX parameters per session
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An update to v2.0.1 was released - a small update, focused on making the extension easier to use. To help with that, the Parallax FX now has a short instruction added to the descriptions. I hope it’s going to make it easier to tailor the effect to the desired outcome.


  • [Improvement] Improved performance of the LCD Screen FX
  • [Fix] Added missing β€œDistance” label for the Parallax dialog