[Extension] NxPA Studio

NxPA Studio started almost two years ago when I learned that Aseprite allows for writing and running scripts. I wanted to test how much can be done in LUA so I ported a few scaling algorithms.

Currently, It’s a script suite/extension that adds image processing functionalities.


  • Advanced Scaling - allows for upscaling pixel art without introducing new colors using a variety of algorithms: Nearest Neighbor, Eagle, Scale2x, Scale3x and a custom algorithm named Hawk.
  • Add Inbetween Frames - adds in between frames based on position.

You can download It from GitHub or Itch.io.

Any feedback and requests are welcome. :slight_smile:


NxPA Studio v2.0.0 is released and you can get It from GitHub or Itch.io.


  • Added a new script - Analyze Colors
  • Advanced Scaling
    • Fixed an issue that broke any other script that used Color class from Aseprite’s API
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Preview of the new Analyze Colors script: