[Extension] Theme Preferences

Theme Preferences for Aseprite

Theme Preferences - Download :link: - Source Code :link:

Theme Preferences is an extension that allows for customizing the theme inside the editor.

How to use the extension

After installing the extension and restarting Aseprite a new option for Theme Preferences… will appear in the View menu.

Clicking it will open the Theme Preferences that allow you to directly change the colors of the UI elements.


Theme Preferences needs access to PNG and XML templates in its own folder in order to customize the theme. Aseprite will prompt you for explicit permission for an extension to access files.

If you don’t feel safe with that you can deny the request and block the script.

Saving and Loading Configuration

Your Theme Preferences can be saved and loaded from this window.

Importing and Exporting Configuration

Your Theme Preferences can be exported into plain text, and web-safe code for backup and sharing with others.

Codes can be imported by opening the Load window and clicking the Import button. Any saved configuration has an Export button that generates the code.



this is actually amazing


An update to v1.0.1 was released - a small update that improves the user experience around managing your configurations, you can now easily store tens of them (if you wish).


  • [Improvement] Add pagination for the Load window
  • [Improvement] Improve user experience when importing a configuration - users can now change the name of the imported theme, and the theme is no longer automatically applied
  • [Fix] Tab frames no longer use the lightest Button color, now it correctly uses the lightest Tab color

An update to v1.0.2 was released - another small update with a bunch of fixes, and improvements to the user experience. The dialog window got smaller, and the generated theme got more polished.

Probably the biggest change in this update is the removal of the Icons color from the Simple Mode, it now uses the color the Regular Text, keeping it consistent with the default Aseprite look. The Advanced Mode still allows changing the Icons color, this change is fully compatible with already created configurations.


  • [Fix] Button text in the Import Configuration dialog is now displaying correctly
  • [Fix] The Warning icon (when a color from outside the palette is introduced) has now the correct colors
  • [Fix] Selected checkboxes and radio buttons are now correctly highlighted
  • [Fix] Closing the Theme Preferences dialog with the “X” button has now consistent behavior with closing the dialog using the “Cancel” button
  • [Improvement] Icons use the Regular Text color in Simple Mode
  • [Improvement] Both text colors are placed in the same row
  • [Improvement] Theme Preferences keep track if a configuration has been changed to improve the user experience

Wow, this is pretty cool. Keep up the great work :grinning:

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An update to v1.0.3 was released - Turns out the update to v1.0.2 had a bug in it, but thanks to a detailed report from Adamastor it was quickly found and fixed. :pray:


  • [Fix] Theme configurations in Advanced Mode are now loaded correctly