[Extension] Time Tracking


Time Tracking - Download :link: - Source Code :link:

Time Tracking is an extension that collects work time data locally.

How to use the extension

After installing the extension from the downloadable file, work time data will be automatically collected in the background, and stored locally, for your Aseprite instance.

You can see the statistics of the currently open sprite by going to the Sprite menu and using the new Statistics… option (under Color Mode).



A small update to v1.0.1 was released, If you’re one of the people who work long hours, often into the night, you might want to grab this small update. Thanks a lot to Beast Pixels for reporting this issue. :v:


  • [Fix] Saving data past midnight no longer results in an error

As a freelancer, this is just amazing to keep track of things! Thanks Kacper!

Now Skynet for Aseprite, you are one extension away from either world domination or human extinction! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Okay, now I do have a real question, where’s the data stored and how it links to each file? I would like to rename/move a file I’ve been working on without losing track of the statistics collected by this extension.

By any chance is there a way of doing that? <3

All of the data is stored in the extension’s preferences, you can find it by going to %APPDATA%\Aseprite\extensions\time-tracking (on Windows, or an equivalent on other systems) and opening the _pref.lua file.

Some notes on editing it:

  • This file is loaded when Aseprite starts and overwritten when Aseprite closes - any edits should be done when no Aseprite instance is open, otherwise, they will be lost.
  • File contains a single, big Lua object - unformatted, you might want to use a text editor capable of formatting it to see the structure better.

However, you can avoid that altogether by just using the Save As… option to move your file, all data about tracked time is copied to the new file.

Thanks Kacper! Haven’t tested going on the %appdata% folder to manually modify the _pref.lua file, however, I can confirm that the Save As method works perfectly! And it’s far more easier than what I had in mind :smiley:

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An update to v1.0.2 was released, introducing saves, sessions and a detailed view.


  • [Feature] Added tracking file saves
  • [Feature] Added tracking work sessions
  • [Feature] Added a separate, detailed view for the Sprite Statistics dialog
  • [Improvement] Pause tracking time when the Sprite Statistics dialog is open
  • [Fix] Data is no longer incorrectly counted after switching tabs
  • [Fix] Files named “Sprite-ABCD” no longer break the extension
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