Eyedropper changes back to brush with eyedropper hotkey (Needs an option)

EDIT: Whop! I missed something. It was because I imported my hotkeys, as I always do, and it overlapped with (what I assume) is a new tool that also used C. Nevermind, everything is fine.

in 1.2.4, pressing the eyedropper multiple times would stay on the eyedropper. In the latest version, this appears to have been changed, as it now switches back to the brush if you press it more than once.

This may be preferred behavior for some, but for myself (and because of how often I’m pressing it, and how fast), it isn’t really usable. (Sounds absurd to hate such a small thing, but it’s going against 5 years of muscle memory haha)

As with most cases like this, I think there should be an option to choose. If this is a bug, or if there is an option somewhere, let me know. (Since I didn’t see the change in the release notes?)

Thanks, and keep up the good work!