Eyedropper option

Hi everybody,

this is my first topic on the forum and I just wanted to introduce an option that I’d like to see on Aseprite.
In fact, as a color-blind, I have a lot of difficults to select the good color when I want to recreate a pixel art from an existing photography (and also to create my own universe, my skies are often purple) and so I’d like to see an eyedropper tool that can pick a color in and also out of the software as Photoshop allow to do.

This feature would litterally save me a lot of time !
Thanks for reading my proposition and have a nice day

  • A color-blind

hi, TristanRL! yes, this is a feature folks requested before, seems like david didn’t have time to implement it yet.
in a meantime it may help you a bit to open a photograph in aseprite and drag its tab to side like this:

that way you can pick up colours from different images.

PS. i don’t see any problem with purple skies.


Thank you very much for your answer, i just tested your option and it seems just perfect for me !
PS: if it was just the skies in purple …

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Hi there :wave: Actually, in Aseprite v1.3-beta if you press the mouse button from the foreground color button you can drag-and-drop it to other windows/the desktop:


Thank you for your reply dacap, can’t wait to test this feature

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