Eyedropper tool offsets are weird on Linux Mint

So I’ve been dealing with a visual oddity while using Aseprite version 1.3-rc4-x64 on Linux Mint (21.1 with Cinnamon version 5.6.8 if that helps at all) , when I press the alt key to sample a color, my cursor’s graphic jumps up by like 20 pixels. Though when I zoom in to the absolute maximum, I can see the graphic is offset vertically by one pixel, again, I’m not sure if this detail helps but I may as well mention it. My actual cursor doesn’t move though, as the color I was initially pointing at is still sampled, and once I move my mouse just a little, the eyedropper graphic snaps back to where my cursor is. This is making color sampling a little disorientating. I also quickly tried out the 32bit version to see if the problem persists, which it does.

I’d like to further add to this weirdness after fiddling with it further:
The move tool’s graphic has a similar effect, except it goes down and to the right.

I have found out the hard way I cannot simply record this issue using OBS, the cursor’s graphic behaves completely during recording. That just makes this even more confusing.

I am a complete loss as to what is going on here, again I’m sorry I can’t provide much else with all this, or even show what the heck is happening here, unless I go full caveman and record the issue using an external camera.

I just had a friend with a similar cinnamon/mint setup with an AMD GPU record this with an external camera, this is the exact bug I’m talking about:

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