Eyedropper tool on right mouse?

I never use a background color and do a lot of quick-eyedropper tool to grab color from the canvas (transparent color as eraser too). I love the feature of Pyxel Edit (right-click to eyedrop tool), which allows me to draw with one hand. I can’t find how to configure Aseprite like that.

Almost every other whole evening one of my hands is out of commission due to skin UV therapy for my skin and it is really bothering me to jump between mouse and keyboard (or canvas and toolbar) with one hand.

In Edit > Preferences, in the Editor section, you can choose what Right Click does, and you can choose to “Pick foreground color”:


Thank you!
It’s kinda weird place to change mouse bindings.

In a future we would like to have the possibility to click each tool with a specific mouse button an associate that mouse button with the tool (just like left/right mouse button works in the color bar).

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Well, you could set up something like that currently using macro software like X-Mouse Button Control. It’s useful for setting up functions, bound to MB4 and MB5.

Meu Deus, muito obrigada! Anjo :slightly_smiling_face: