Fallout New Vegas-Pulse Gun

Fallout New Vegas-Pulse Gun

This is my attempt at making a pixel gun…thing is I’m still not sure on how to properly draw em all or shade them and this isn’t mentioning how guns have all these extra bits

Any advice for me?


the thing that’s worked best for me with shading is really to just go a slight tone darker than what you used before. Like for white, use a light grey. For grey, use a slightly darker grey. I’m still new too, this is just what’s worked for me

My problem is more, where and how does it get properly applied?

If you look at the reference a lot of the light and darks follow the borders of you shapes while you have it as a gradient.

I am shading from top-down, mostly because that was how the first how-to-vid, I saw showed how to make guns, by Mr. Mislav…I kinda worried because I think I added too much shading or shading wasn’t needed.

Also, you mean just shade the farther edges? I am not sure regarding that exactly

There is wear and tear around the edges of the metal(example in the handle plate). What you have done is added a gradient from bottom to top. What you probably want to do is have the shadows and metal wear to follow the shapes and not be perfect. Adding outlines helps so your colors stick out and look less uniform. A good palette is limited because then it shows the contrast(difference between lights shadows and mid-tones) much easier. Here is a semi-low effort example of some of that could look. Scaling down the image however gives more of a dithering effect.

Thanks, this works pretty well, I’ll see if I can do similar later when I have the time