Fast way to select sprites?

Is there a way to select a sprite (or multiple sprites) without using box select with the marquee? Its not a big deal, but it would be nice if it there was a way to auto create an outline of a sprite.

Do you mean selection fill bucket?

The magic wand tool? I’m not sure I have a selection fill bucket. Even then, I don’t want to select a bunch of colors to eventually fill out the whole sprite, I was hoping there was a way to select the whole sprite with one click, like tracing the whole sprite around the edges or something, not sure that it is even possible lol.

you can either go ctrl+a and select all or ctrl+click on a layer and it will select its content. for literal outline there’s a function to do that. but if your sprite consist of multiple layers then your best option is to use magic wand, select empty space and invert selection.

The way I have it setup right now is I have all my sprites on one layer, one frame. I was just doing them side by side and wanted to condense them a little bit, I know I could be using the onion function, and doing multiple frames, and it’s probably better to do it that way, but this is just how I was doing it haha. I’ll just make do with using the box select for one sprite, but it would be really cool to have a one click outline sprite option! sometimes I make my box to small and miss the whole sprite, and I don’t even know how to adjust the marquee box after creating it lol

Not magic wand. I meant to add new tool to select non-transparent pixels as a bunch. With possible option to select on multiple layers too. It could be implemented as special mode of magic wand, I think.

You can add custom tools? sorry still new to this software haha

I only suggest to add this tool. For developers.

That would be awesome!

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