Feature Request: Additional modify selection options


I’m sure this might be a niche/unconventional feature request (it might even be two requests), but I’ve found that there has been a couple of times now that I’d have appriciated a way to select / deselect single pixels as well as a limiter for contract selection.

Sometimes during animating effects or such, I end up with animating alot of single pixels. When I have clusters of 2-8 pixels and want to decrease their size, I’d have to do this manually since the select-> modify -> contract would just remove the selection.

My proposal for a limiter would be to add this in the options for Select -> Modify -> Contract. “Limiter min size” or something along those lines to make sure that there’ll be at least a 1 pixel selection left after contract.

Something I’d also find useful is if the tool also could include a horizontal/vertical contract/expand limiter.

I searched for similar feature requests and didn’t find anything, sorry in advance if the feature already exists somewhere or if I missed it in the forum.

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