Feature request: Animated Tile support

After finishing reading this https://github.com/aseprite/aseprite/issues/977 about the upcoming tile map editor and hearing about the special features, I was wonder if its possible to add Animated tile support in the future after you’re finished with your basic foundation of the tile map editor for Aseprite?

Here is a example on how it could work from MapEditor’s Tile animation editor:

it would definitely make seamless and looping tile animations workflow much more comfortable for some people that are really invest into making tilesets and as far as I know, no other pixel art tool has that features at the moment (please correct me if I’m wrong ofc!) so it would also make Aseprite’s tile map editor standout from other pixel art tools such as Pro Motion NG and PyxelEdit in terms of their tile map editor


I think this would complement the changes in Aseprite v1.3 really well :slight_smile:

Any news on that subject? I naively thought that it already worked that way :smiley: