Feature request: brush type window changes

hi, i haven’t found these in previous request, so here i am. i was building a small library of dithering brushes and found out that:

  1. it would be nice to have brush type window resizable and/or with scrollbar. i did run out of vertical space already.
  2. i’d love to have an option to make bigger brush previews - it is hard to tell brushes apart.
  3. being able to give each brush a name (displayed instead of shortcut) would be amazing too.
  4. when setting up multiple brushes it would be useful to have an option to make new brushes locked automatically, so the new brush doesn’t overwrite the current one.


I second the request! :smiley: I wouldn’t stop displaying the shortcuts though, I think both the name and the shortcut should be able to be displayed.

Also, I’d like to request two new shortcuts: “go to next custom brush” and “go to previous custom brush”, that way we could also be able to navigate between brushes using shortcuts no matter how many we have (right now when you have more than 50 you won’t be able to remember all the shortcuts XD).

On a slightly related note, I made some extra dithering patterns for the gradient tool, if you are interested you can find them here: New pattern fill / new dithering matrix

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oh, next/previous brush shortcut is neat idea.

also thank you very much for dithering gradients! it is a second best thing after your script collection ;] i’m already experimenting with my own patterns.

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Hi there @Olga_Galvanova! Actually there are several plans to improve the custom brush dialog, something similar to a grid of brushes.

It should be easy to create new brushes, drag-and-drop them, delete them, edit them, flip/rotate, etc.