New pattern fill / new dithering matrix


Hola, una consulta rápida, ¿podrías añadir el relleno por lineas?.

hello, a quick consultation.




EN: Also, I think it would be very interesting if the user could add his/her own patterns to use them with the filling/gradient tools :slight_smile:

ES: También, creo que sería muy interesante que los usuari@s pudieran añadir sus propios patrones para usarlos con las herramientas de relleno y gradiente :slight_smile:


Actually there is possible to add new patterns, but not so user-friendly, you have to create a extension (a .zip file) with a content similar to this folder.


Oh, that’s really interesting!

@dacap Should I put that .zip file on “Aseprite\data\extensions”? Then the extension would be loaded automatically when starting Aseprite or should I do something else?

Thank you very much! :smiley:


Not exactly, you have two options:

  1. Use Edit > Preferences > Extensions > Add Extension and select the .zip (this is recommended because then you can Uninstall the extension from the same dialog)
  2. Or you can uncompress the .zip file in a subfolder of the extensions folder e.g. Aseprite/data/extensions/myextension), this is what the Add Extension button does from the UI (+ creates an extra file for uninstallation)


That’s great! Thank you very much! ^^


I’ve invested much more time in this than I should have XD

@SynthED I’ve got a little present for you :wink:
You can install this extension following dacap instructions :slight_smile:

I’ve started a little repo for an extension with lots of dithering styles: Feel free to join, help, suggest, or ask for things that you’d like to be added ^^

Right now I’ve just uploaded the lines dithering styles (because that was what the original poster asked for), but I’ll be adding more ones, here you have some examples (I love the hearts one XD)



WOOOA incredible!

Thank you!

I was seeing the way to include my lines but I gave up.