(feature request) console

Hi… perhaps this feature is a 2.0 feature… a dedicated command line console at the bottom where commands could be typed. The familiar MagicaVoxel and their implementation of a console bar at the bottom. It’s really practical for entering with precision. Thanx!

what would be the use of the console? like for lua scripting?

a console bar at the bottom could allow the user to type commands, these could be lua scripts like you say to invoke a script and pass parameters, but could also be to execute different frequently user commands with precise coordinates that can’t be issued with simple hotkeys and clicking onscreen

oh ok not a bad idea, thought it shouldt be on the bottom, rather docked on top to not mess with the timeline, cause im pretty sure aseprite doesnt support multiple dockers like that, thats one big current flaw, the ui is extremely static.

I was thinking about a bottom console.

I just had a flashback to Autocat… command line… Voted

that’s my reasoning as well, I cannot imagine CAD any other way, maybe it is overkill for aseprite, but being able to type a command with precise coordinates or run filters or nodes, I think it’ll help the OCD part in all of us