Feature request: Display Additional Coordinates

Optimizing spritesheets usually eats up alot of time. Something that might save time however might be to add options/functions that allows user to toggle some additional coordinates (as mouse coordinates, doc size and selection size at the bottom).

One that would be useful in my particular workflow is Display Selection Coordinates, maybe with additional sub-options such as - from pivot, - from top left, - from bottom right, - from center e.g.

My current workflow in the extrapolation of coordinates in spritesheets usually is just me using the mouse coordinates. A bit tedious and time consuming way of doing it (and not the best way possible I’m sure :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )

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Perhaps some improved functionality for the auto guides?

Currently it shows distance between objects on different layers and distance to the canvas edge, but it’s a bit wonky to work with imo. I barely know how to get it to show up half the time.

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Ah perhaps! It is a bit wonky, but as I understand it, that is distance between different layers when using the Auto Select layer function (mapped on ctrl, not sure if it’s default). Something similar would be nice, maybe not attached to layers however as I guess that people (me included) sometimes want to get coordinates from a flattened/baked spritesheet.

Yeah that’s the main problem with it. But perhaps it could do something like the magic wand when you hover over a pixel, and check if it’s an isolated object, or connected to other pixels somewhere. The main issue I imagine there is that it would have to do the same kind of detections for everywhere else and I’m not sure how heavy that is computing wise.

The main reason that I’d prefer it as a display option embedded in the info pane at the bottom is that I then can input coordinates in another software without having Aseprite active, or use my mouse to extrapolate the coordinates so to speak.

I also wanna flag that this could potentially be a very niche request that I don’t really know if many people would want. I’m working in a custom in-house engine that uses manual inputs alot for coordinates in sprite sheets, so the current setup is one screen with sprite coordinates listed in an xml, another screen with the spritesheet in Aseprite.

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Wouldn’t a sprite packer with an auto-generated coordinate .xml be simpler than doing it manually? I’d imagine that would only need some checking and a bit of tweaking.

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It probably would. I’ll check into that solution.

I’m using the export/import spritesheet function alot and it works like a charm (however unoptimized). It usually is when I need to tweak something or add some additional frames or working with adding UI stuff that I tend to use the selection tool alot to mark out frames or UI elements for coordinates. I thought I’d put up a request here to see if this was common for other people and if this sounds like an interesting feature :slight_smile:

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