Feature request: match eraser size to brush size if right click is set to erase

When I’m editing on transparent background, it’s good to be able to erase quickly. But if I change brush size, the erase tool remains the same size. This is jarring; it would be great if the eraser tool matched the brush tool’s brush size, especially in the case where it’s set as the right click action because then you know you’re going to be using it a lot.

lol I just started using aseprite again and straight away came looking to see if this was a feature or not, only to stumble on my own empty 4-year-old thread. Guess not many people are asking for this hey. Oh well!

hi, there! this issue can be overcome by using the option “paint with background colour” and having bg colour set to mask. that way the right click will both erase and stay the same size as brush.

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Ah wow thanks!!!

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