Feature Request: Shared Palette

Hi there!

I like to use a shared palette for my sprites, so when I make a slight tweak to the palette or add a new color, I have to go and load the new palette to each one of the sprites.

Basically, it’d be nice to mark a palette as ‘shared’ or ‘external’ and it would reload upon sprite load or periodically or a sync button, etc.

Another option could do a ‘multiple sprites within project’ where you can have a workspace for the project, and be able to have a sprite library within the project, then just export selections of sprites (sub projects), etc.

Thank you very much for your time in reading this!

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As far as the sharing palettes thing with other people working on a project together, you might be able to on both ends setup the aseprite folder that palettes are saved in with the google drive desktop application so when changes are made it updates?

I might try setting this up.