Feature Request: Size Hint

Please, it needs to be easier to know what the size of square (any format) you’re creating.

Everytime I need to search the size on the bottom bar.
And it’s so hard to understand which number is the right one.

The second square on the image is how Photoshop works.
They put a hint on the side of the format. Close to your eyes.

Thanks again,
Daniel Romanenco

C’mon people. This request is so important.
It’s the UI making it easier for the users.

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nice feature, looking down every time still make me confuse which one is high and width
but looking directly in my canvas works better
also suppose to add W and H in down area

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Hi @Romanenco, thanks for your feature request. Just as a side note: please don’t @ directly staff members in the forum asking for features or bug fixes (only if they are part of the conversation), and just please take note that all features are important :pray:


Noted! Thank you