Feature Requests for Symmetry Tools

  1. It would be awesome if, when symmetry is engaged, that a preview of the pixel / cursor would show up in the other sections across the x / y axis, similar to how the Tiled Mode shows the preview of the cursor.

  2. When using the spray paint tool, the other side isn’t entirely a mirror image, I think the symmetry tool is simply placing a virtual mouse on the other side and basically activating a second spray paint tool that makes its own random texture, but it would be awesome if there was an option for true symmetry, where each tile was truly reflected, instead of using a virtual mouse across the axis.

PS, I’m not an artist at all, but picked up Aseprite for fun for my video game design class, and it is easily one of the most fun apps I’ve played with in some time. Its almost therapeutic.

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Hi there!

  1. Yeah, taking note, I’m not sure if it would be possible in the short term.
  2. Known issue :cry:

And thanks for your kind words too :blush:

Selection boxes full symmetry would be nice, right now when you make a selection and move it, the selections are symmetryized, but they both move to the same direction.

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