Few questions before I buy Aseprite


How do I use the pencil as a tile tool? (E.g. using the pencil to make square tiles like pixel art?) I have had the issue of the pencil not being pixelated like Piskel and couldn’t figure out how to change from a pencil to a square tile pencil.

Do I need to uninstall and delete all compiled folders of Aseprite?

An alert came up before when I exited Discord and proceeded to Aseprite saying it was warning that the site isn’t safe and even led me to my internet connection and information status. Could this be a bug on my end?


Hey there. Aseprite’s pencil tool paints just pixels. There’s no round strokes. You also have the option to make them “pixel perfect” which is incredibly useful (screenshot attached of a single, quick stroke with the pencil tool)

I would’nt be able to answer the second question, but if it’s of any help, I bought Aseprite, started using it right away and been using it daily with no problems.

And the aseprite site is safe. It’s https and you can make your payment through paypal.

Hope this helps!

No quite so. You can draw with circle, square and dash-like brushes of different size in Aseprite. Those settings located at top bar when you select Pencil.

  1. First button is brush shape and saved custom brushes.
  2. Second field is brush size i.e. you can make big square or big circle brush if you want.
  3. Third button is Ink mode, by default “Simple Ink” which is just usual drawing.
  4. Then you have Dynamics button to enable pressure sensitivity for tablets affecting Size, Angle and Gradient of drawn strokes.
    5 and 6) Finally you have Pixel-perfect checkbox and Symmetry options.

Every tool in Aseprite have different settings, just look at top bar more often.

Square pixels: Are you sure you’re not just drawing with a large brush in Piskel? It’s only the 1x1 size that draws individual pixels (in both Aseprite and Piskel), anything larger will be some shape made up of many pixels, and this arrangement can have a variety of shapes depending on the brush. If you want those larger shapes to be squares, you’ll need to use a square-shaped brush. Aseprite definitely supports that, and Piskel probably does too. If you just want your pixel art bigger, then draw it small and export it larger.

I can’t answer question number two for certain, but probably not, you should be able to keep your compiled Aseprite, as long as you keep it somewhere different from the installed one. Aseprite is pretty portable, so you shouldn’t have any conflicts.

I think Discord always pops up a warning for links to domains you haven’t visited from Discord before.

also you can but it on steam if you are sketched out