File corrupted when export GIF

My artist and I share aseprite files. When they export a GIF, the aseprite file becomes corrupted. Some frames go missing. This has happened twice now, with the same file.

Canvas size: 64x64 pixels
Frames: 181
Layers: 26

My version:
Aseprite v1.2.25-x64

Their version:
Aseprite v1.2.25

When they Export File as a gif with options:

  • Resize: 1000%
  • Layers: Visible layers
  • Frames: All frames
  • Animation Direction: Forward

… then they see a warning that says:

File format ".gif" doesn't support:
- Layers
- Tags
You can use ".ase" format to keep all this information.
    Do you want continue with ".gif" anyway?

They click Yes.

They see an error message that says:
There is not enough memory to complete the action.

A GIF is exported, but some frames from the aseprite file vanish. They are still considered frames with data (they have a dot), but the pixels are gone.

I asked the artist to install the 64 bit version and try again. They no longer get the error.

Early on, I asked them what version they were using, and they said v1.2.25. It wasn’t until I asked for a screenshot of their about window that I noticed they must be on the 32 bit version. It took me hours to restore the missing frames.

I’m putting in this post so others who face a similar problem may be able to find it. Please consider the following possible solutions:

  1. On the download page(s), clearly recommend 64-bit for most users.

  2. In 32 bit versions of the software, end it with x32 to make the problem more discoverable.

  3. In 32 bit versions of the software, try to prevent data loss - just block the operation. It seems like they only lost data when they exported a gif, not when they edited the file. The error did not occur on assets that had less frames/layers.

  4. If a file was created with 64-bit aseprite or a future version, then warn anyone who opens that file with an older version or a 32-bit aseprite.

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