File save dialogue hotkeys broken

The file save dialogue shows that the hotkeys for the buttons are supposed to be S, N, and C. However, none of them work! It’s not a matter of the dialogue not having focus because you can still press left, right, and space to choose, but not the hotkeys. It’s been like this ever since I first tried Aseprite, surely it can’t be that hard to fix?

Screenshot (465)
(note the underlined letters)

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hi, those shortcuts are supposed to be alt+s, alt+n and alt+c as is usual standard. similarly, to open edit dropdown menu, you don’t hit just e key, you hit alt+e.
edit: now that i think about it, for on focus menus that might not be usual standard though…

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What “usual standard” is that? I’ve never heard of Alt being required for hotkeys in a dialogue box. The closest thing I can think of is how some programs hide the hotkey underlines until Alt is pressed, but even then the hotkeys work without holding Alt.

Go open Notepad, type something, and close it to invoke the save dialogue. Press N, and it closes without saving, no Alt required. Same for Wordpad, MSpaint, Krita, XnView, and every other program on my computer I just went and tested (except Inkscape which doesn’t have any hotkeys for that dialogue, and VirtualDub which closes instantly without asking to save).

yes, for pop windows it usually works in both ways with and without an alt, that’s why i added the edit part. i agree that for convenience it should work like that in aseprite too.

Hi there! I’ll review this later comparing other apps. The main issue of giving a “naked” shortcut is the possibility to use the wrong option by mistake. But maybe that not an issue in most apps.

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Yep, those hotkeys are still broken.

I’ve something annotated about this for v1.3-rc2, we’ll try to include a fix.

Those hotkeys are still broken.

@Taehl are you running Aseprite v1.3-rc2? When you close a sprite you should be able to press S, N, or C keys directly.

Nope, looks like Steam had me on an old version. Told it to switch me to the beta branch, now it looks like it’s working. Thanks for fixing it.

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I usually save them in “File” (XD

it’s nice to have shortcuts!