First 32x32 Attack Animations

32x32 Attack Animation

Still lack both confidence and have an artblock in play, but I think I was able to imitate a bit of Mr Mislav’s lessons

Any suggestions on how to properly do a spear thrust?

Slight Update

32x32 Attack Animation

you could try to incrise the preparatin a bit also try to use smear effect to convey velocity

Smear Effect?

You mean a longer line of red?

32x32 Attack Animation

When you said increase the preparation a bit, I thought you may have meant showing how there’s a bit more movement before the attack

Here, the sprite is lifting up the spear up and to the left-side before thrusting

Think about how you would jab a spear in real life (or punch, or anything like that) – you would probably draw back first, before thrusting forward, to give it the most power at the point of impact.

That was sorta what I was thinking, that’s why I brought parts of it up

Say, any idea where I can find HEMA(not necessarily even just European ones) illustrations?

This good for shooting?

32x32 Attack Animation

What about this alternative to the first, I am not sure how to properly rotate/move everything, I gave up on rotating the weapons just a bit awhile ago and decided to move sorta manually

32x32 Attack Animation

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I enjoy looking at your shooting animation because the loop feels seamless. This video might help you understand how to get a more seamless attack. Pixel Art Animation Tutorial - (Aseprite) - YouTube