First Animation (staring Sheep!)

So here’s my first animation, beginner’s steps.


use the export option under file to export scaling upwards, also i recommend you take a look at the 12 principles of animation, the alan becker videos are very simple.

@Ethan_Buttazzi gave a very professional feedback but I’d like to say it’s a very nice first animation.

Movement is smooth, multiple elements are animated, I’d say - keep going! :smiley:

Also, I think you can edit everything about a topic here, no need to delete them and create new. :v:

This looks amazing, I think it is a pretty decent first animation. While I would love to see the body move a bit the most offputting thing to me is how the background (stars?) just pop in and out instead of either fading in or one by popping in. Another strange thing is the head rising causes the stars on the right to move with the head a bit.

可爱的作品,最近也计划做自己的第一部动画,共同前进吧 :smile: