First attempt at pixel art. Could I have some feedback please

Criticise away. I’d like to learn :slight_smile:



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Just realised it’s tiny so hard to see what’s going on with the animation. A bigger one below now




Weirdly. I’m going to give myself advice and say. Take a break after you do something then look at it again later (like anything), as you may see some things you didn’t notice from staring at it.

Weirdly (and I swear it didn’t look like this while I was doing it) - it looks like it would be better if I inverted the wink animation, so that it’s timed with the mouth going the other way.

Result. Yes, this looks more natural.


It looks great! Much better than my first attempt :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:. The aimation looks pretty good, but it could be cleaner (I feel like some of the colors are off)

Thank you. I had just watched a video on subpixel animation so kinda attempted that. Learned a lot from dong it.

You’re definitely right about some of the colours. I’m probably gonna do some non-pixel art related drawing tutorials etc. Might get a couple of books.

Thanks for the feedback

If you want some good pixel art channels I suggest AdamCYounis or MortMort.

Thanks man. I’ve seen a few of Adam’s videos but I’ll check out MortMort too. :smiley:

You… you… Did far better then I ever did with my first sprite, and animation

Thanks. I’ll attempt something else soon :slight_smile:

It looks really good.