First couple of tries on Aseprite, thoughts?

I made some mock ups for a couple of game concepts, but I’m still not super familiar with how to use this medium. I like these so far but they definitely need some changes. I’m just having a hard time pinpointing what… something just feels off. I can’t tell if its composition or my color theory being a little off or what. :sweat_smile:
I do know that the kitchen scene is a little flat due to the lack of a designated light direction, also I haven’t created a run cycle for the girl so other than those obvious eyesores, any and all feedback is greatly appreciated! :crazy_face:




nice if these are your first tries you have a lot of potential, recommend searching on palettes and such. thought starting with çpredefined palettes is nice as well, hell i use them till this day, here they have a lot of good ones, recommend if you are entusiastic about it, i recommend trying some palettes with very low amount of colors, thats were pixel art as a medium are at their most fun!

this site is common use in the entire community.

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Oh thank you so much! This will be so useful!