First ever draw in aseprite!

I just get this program and like to share what I have done. I really like the clouds but I see like there is ‘too much space’ or ‘too much blue’. But I like it, hope you like it too and please give some advices so I can improve



The most significant piece of art advice I would have is to find artists who have created pixel art images similar enough that you could learn something.

One tool I use quite a bit in Aseprite is the preview window(f7 or inside view tab) to see your art from a distance and find things you are not happy about so you can change them. The last thing is using the edit adjustments hue/saturation and turning the saturation all the way down so you can see the contrast of the colors. I notice the sky bleeds into the ground, and you could also use shadows from the clouds.

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Very good for a start bro!