First Monster Form: Wild Goomba

Wild Goomba
This is the wild goomba. The attempts to transfer the generally passive wild slime’s power to the more aggressive goomba drove the fungi wild. These mini monsters like to bite and scratch both friend or foe alike and to those they really despise they cast spells like fireball or Scrow-Funk on the unlucky chump. While more lax with fellow Goombas, even then Wild Goombas still have little patience for their fellow fungus folk.

An updated Wild Goomba
Wild Goomba


ow its grate but think about changing background colour, its match with skin colour and skin colour couldnt pop up.

Its a city art but you can get the colour matching thing here

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So your saying I need to change the background color

Bob-omb Coppter
The Buzz Bob-omber a roboticized Bob-omb (like the name implies) that due to Fawful’s (and my) inability to remember the Buzz Bomber was the wasp badnik and not the spinning bat one was made with the copter’s design. While slow flying it makes every other version of the copter obsolete with an unbreakable body, shock blasts, the power to revive due to its windup key. Buzz Bob’s like to spit electro balls when flying and dive bomb on unsuspecting foes then chomp on a chumps head with the force of an electrified bear-trap.

:+1: thats pretty good